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edition... a shake up at apple. apple..."we don't know exactly &pwhat he is dealing with. c-e-o , steve jobs calls it quits from the company he made famous.why he's passing the bat. baton.3 ((break 1)) ((bump in)) weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) maps-fiber-liberty-back to maps please 3 3 3 3 coming up... he revolutionized home computers.. computers.."jobs does so much for apple. he not only gives it visibility but also gives it credibility." up next.. why steve jobs is calling it quits from apple.. and who will take over for him. him.and later in sports... there are only four starting spots in the ravens secondary. meet the guy you've probably never heard of, who has the best chance o land a starting role. 3 ((bump out)) 3 apple's c-e-o, steve jobs... is leaving his post. on wednesday... apple fans and the company's board learned of an abrupt end to jobs' reign ainsley earhardt has the story on why jobs has decided to lea. leave. the man who co-founded apple and turned it into a high-tech moneymaker.... is stepping down as the c-e-o.ste
to start with meteorologist steve fertig with a look at where hurricane irene is noww.. and when it will arrive here. 3 3 3 3 maps-liberty-back to maps 3 mandatory evacuations are in place for ocean city... ahead of hurricane irene. roughly 200-thousand people are being told to get out... as the storm moves in closer to the coast.hurricane conditions are possible on saturday night into sunday along the coast from the delmarva peninsula to the southern new england coast. this morning megan giililand is in ocean city.... megan? megan? 3 3 3 thank you megan... our team coverage continues now ith patrick mcmurtry in kill devil hills along the outer banks.hi patrick. 3 3 3 ((ad lib...)) baltimore is also preparing for possible flooding from hurricane irene...they are handing out sandbags to folks who need them... all morning long. fells point to show us how you can take a few simple steps to stay safe. safe.take a look at 3 3 - chat 3 latest on hurricane irene.we have continuing coverage as she makes herrway through maryland.saturday you can join us at 7-30 p-m and again for fox45
.../// ááfoxáá... p news ...naaional reporter.../ steve centanni... says..../. áátheáá... peaction... is getting... each party is blaming the other for the debt our credit rating. but the man behind thatt downgrade... davvd beers of standard and poors... appeared today on fox news sunday todaa... and said no single parry should take all &pthe blame. beers says: "both ponggess and the administratiin are jointly ressonsible foo tte conduct of fiscal policy. anddso this ii really not about itherr political party, it's about the difficulty of all sides in finding a consensus around ffscal policy choices now and in the future." beers also says a further downgrade ii possible because the u.s. gooernment debt burden will likely continue for years to come. but ot everyone agrees with beers that no and there's a heated debate on capitol hill whethhr tea party republiians are responsible. kerry says: "i believe this ii without ddwngrade. this is the tea party downgrade because a hoose of repreeentatives, countered even the will of many republicans in
-fiber-liberty-back to maps please 3 3 3 3 still to come... steve jobs is what does that mean forrapple on the businesssfront?the effect jobs' resignation had on lender. lenders. 19:36 there is a void it will never be filled can not be filled he was a unique i. individual...and a legend gone of an apparent self inflicted gunshot former o's pitcher mike flanagan will be remembered... next. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) 3 the orioles and their fans continue to mourn the loss of o's legend mike flanagan... after he dies frrm a self inflicted gun shot wound.crime and justice reporter, joy lepola says the former orioles pitcher was found deaa wednesday at his baltimore county home. home. ((pkg))nat sound of hammering... 6:30:05track- here at the sports legends museum at campden yards.(show video from 6:30:24 but put audio sot 6:30:40 whenever we handle artifacts we wear white cotton gloves.under it please) workers begin to build a tribute to legendary orioles pitcher mike flanagan.6:31:22 nat pop yeah it looks great ... teammates of the cy young award winner... were shocked to learn of
and steve hayes from the weekly standard. let me take you behind the scenes. we had to pretape that interview with michelle bachmann and while it was running we found out big new campaign and that is tim pawlenty former governor of minnesota and a serious contender has decided to drop out of the campaign. he pent more than 45 days in iowa and hundred campaign appearances and finished a weak third in the iowa straw poll and in lesss than 12 hours he's out. bret, are you surprised? >> no, they put their eggs in the ames straw poll basket. because of apes, there was not enough fuel in the car to keep going down the road. i saw governor pawlenty huddled with his advisors. it was not a happy moment for them. i didn't want to go up and interrupt and ask them questions, but they came to the conclusion they couldn't go back to donors and say this is a reality. after that showing and he got fewer votes than sam brown bag now kansas governor did when he dropped out four and half years ago. it was a tough day for governor pawlenty. >> chairman strawn, pawlenty, we thought he had the big b
globallgrowwh. at the greetings and readings book store in hunt valley...owner steve bbum says this all meann banks will have an even tighter leash on lanss in turn... he along with ther small usiness owners... will have aatough ttme expanding any ttme soon. "if the banks don't lend to small businesses, i can't grow, if i can't get money to open up nother store, another situation"d mean 50-60 more -3 some good news this morning...the july jobs repprt pas also just released ... t shows the economy created 117-thousand jobs last month. june...making the unemployment rate dip o 9-point--1 percent. a controverrial decision... in the case of several baltimore &ppolice officers... accused in the fatal shooting of a fellow offiier... and another man. baltimore's top prosecutor, greg bernstein, says there's simply not enough evidence to prosecute the four officers who fired those ssots... and says he beliives they acted responsibly during a chaotii situation. situation. the shootiig happened back in january... after officers responded to a report of a fight. when police arrrved
tracking the latest in the storm tracker weather center 3 (toss to steve)) 3 you can track you can track you can track hurricane irene with fox45 skywatch hurricane tracker. it's available at foxbaltimore dot can use fox45's powerful doppler radar to track coming storms.go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on hurricane tracker. 3 maps-fiber- back to maps the eleven best days of summer are almost here. here. the 130th maryland state fair starts this friday and runs through septemmer 5th. fox45 is the proud media sponsor of the state fair. fair.selena gomez will perform on friday... which is fox45 night at the fair.blake shelton performs saturday september third.and "all time low" will be in concert on sunday september fourth. fourth.we want to get you into the fair for free.the 10th caller right now at 410- 481-4545 wins a family 4- pack of tickets to the maryland state fair. coming up... simon cowell's surprising reason... for leaving "idol."we'll share his secret... minutes from now. and a couple blames casey anthony... for being ssntenced to jail.what reason... they
is hhre with the detaill. we begin with news from americannidol. idol. judge stevee tyler is asking for a raiss aater hearing about jnnifer lopez's deal.lopez is in the final stage of negotiating a ddal worth up to twenty million bucks to come back for the new reportedly worth ten million a - year. "american idol"" returnss or its eleventh 3 season in jaauary. january. chat-sources-steven is halfway through a two-year deal, and is management has asked forrmore moneywas just as sensational and as popular oo the panel as jenniffr. side, show bosses argue he's tied into a deal and has tt ssick to t." more drama... this timm behindd most popular shows - turned mov. movie. america's favorite gym teacher didn't make the cut in the new "glee" flick.despite appearing in the fill's ttailer... janee lynch's chhracter... sue sylvester-...will not be in "glee: the 3-d oncert movie" pue ouu friday.creator ryan murphy madeethe annouucement to cass members before saturday's premier.lynch will the film... to e released at a later ate. 3 chat-alter ego at emmys there's nn drama on se
this week. you're with the details on his --internaaional wn otspott- smooth jazz super star steve cole headlines the baltimooe music festival --the event is also sshool suuply fundraiser fundraiser the baltimore music ffstival issat centerstage on saturday. poors open at 6pm..or more baltimore dot ccm slash morning. patrice's pugs!luding -ne to &ppugs!coming up... planking... seymour. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 2)) ((addlib...))---video friday of a planking pug. 3 ((patrice's lib...)) 3 maps-fiber- mmps-liberty- maps from summer fun... to school year cool. cool.the latest back to school mainnain.we'll reveal some great styles for all next. you'reewatching foxx 45 good day baltimore. ((break 3)) 3 club" starting monday. wars, violence, natural disasters, economic chaos, threats to privacy and security. were these events foretold centuries ago? what ancient prophetic writings say is coming next... pat robertson teaches on the signs of the times: we are here with callxto blount of salon seleetra suites. he joined us in our 8 o''lock an
disaster assistance. meteorologist steve fertig is tracking the hurricane's movements... and will show us where it's headed in ust a couple minutes. some of our nation's monuments get damaged in tuesday's earthquakee here's a live look 3 ((ad lib meeeorologist)) you can track hurricane irene with fox45 skywatch hurricane's aaailable at foxbaltimore dot can use fox45's powerful doppler padar to track cominggstooms. go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on hurricane traccer. 3 it's our mobideal of the week! every week.. we'll bring you a deal from mobideals... which provides coupons directly to your cell phone! phone! this week's deal comes from "it's about health."get half off an "ion-cleanse detox." just go to my-mobideals-dot-commto get mobideals on your smartppone. smartphone. mobideals is a product of our parent compaay.. sinclair broadcast group. a scare for former first lady nancy reagan... reagan...((...gasping...)) ((...gasping...)) coming up... whether mrs. reagan is doing alright this morning. morning.and earthquake damage in d-c...
weather hold in store.meteorologist steve fertig has a check at what you can expect as you head out o work this morning. morning. 3&p((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs))maps-liberry-fiber- back to maps pls maps-libertt-fiber- baak toomaps pls 3 3 3-3 coming up... a new drug epidemic that is killing newbor. newborns."ww saw tte number of crrck babies that died, and this is justtanother version of that thatt hear from one mother who rolled the dice with her baby's future just to get her f. fix.and latee in sports...the ravens dip into the free agent wearing pprple ann black. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) 3 ñóooooo#o#ooooo 3 overdoses of prescciptioo drugs now kill more americans than all other parents are putting their ping - unborn children through the horrors of drug addictioo. in this orning's cover ssory... amber lyon investigates the dangerous epidemic of babies who are born addicted. addicted. (music)browwrd county lorida is fillld with pain clinicsa& put rescription opiatesa ling also knnwn as 'heroin in a pill'a& like candy."more aad more
law student.../ faces....murder hhrges ../ for... the deeah... of a lauuee... woman. woman.steve,... mcdaniel... is... chaaged killing... 27-year-oll... two... weee heáá - university law sccool...//. áápoliceáá foond... gidding's body... in ... a gargabe bin.../ is... behind bars.../ ááalsoáá faccng... burglary... charges.../ in... the.... trial starts... today.../ for... a man... accused of killing... a federal witness. antooio... hall's.../ charged... with killing... kareem....guest.../ ááthisáá the scene.... septmber 2009.../ pááwhenáá guest... wws shot..... in... front of... his ome...//. ssy....he was killed.../ for... aming... ssveeal drug dealers.../ contract killers.../ ááhall'sáá also charged... with shooting... a witnesss.../ the... feds... break up.../ what... appears to be.../ counterfeiiers.../ ááaccusedáá... to... illegals. illegals.the... in... uppee... 00-3 fells point.../.áá8áá men....are accuuedd.. of . ááincludingáá... &p social security cards..../áápposecutorsáá... s
right now. at the greetings and readings book steve baum says this all means banks will have an even turn he along with other small buuiness owners will have a tough time expanding any time soon. "if the banks don't lend o small businesses, i can'tt open up another store, another store could mean 50-60 more jobs, so it's a ough situation" situation" so what'' next?? the newwjobs report comes out tte new obs report comes out today, and the news is not expected to be very good. right now the nation's unemployment rate stands at &p9.2%. 3 all of theegains for this year have been wiped out in the last 2 at the inner harbor, joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news. 1) are these sings that a double dip recession is looming? theeamerican people are understandably, not happy with what's going on.the daily gallup poll shows just 7 percent of the people believe the econooy is in good condition.the majority... 56 percent say it's in poor shape. , that 80 percent believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.14 percent believe we're heading the right way. a controverri
are taking over the country. steve harrigan is on the front lines and has the latest on the fighting in tripo. tripoli. ((nats rebels)): "libya free, gadhafi go to hell" a symbol of qaddafi power is no more. after being pounded all morning by nato warplanes, the libyan leader's compound bab al aziziya was overrun by rebel fighters. looting, destruction and celebratory gunfire followed. fighting can be seen, as rebels litter the streets... (12:30 aptn fighters on ground) atash says: "last night there's many fighting between us, and we.... there's actually many shoot between us and there's many killers... many die from us, from our people, they diee last night." as for the colonel himself, his whereabouts remain unknown. his son seif appeared earlier in thh day, trying to rally support. al-islam says: "this is our country. these are our people and we live here and we die here. and we are going to win because the people are with us... now we will go and turn around things in tripoli city in order to see that the situation ii all right." pockets of fighting remain in
the conversation. coming up on the early pdition... &pwill it be a soggy weekend? meteorologist steve fertig has the answer in your skywatchh the answer ieather forecast. &pforecast. 3 ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter addlibs)) map fiber map wilkens map map fiber map wilkens map liberty 3 3 3 3 coming up... she's spending the summer here in maryland... maryland...((alla)"i was born in bogata... " "how this could lead to a new home...that's in our cover story.. next. ravens practice with all their players for the first time... what john harbaugh says the free agent signings need to work on. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. about a dozen families in the baltimore regioo are spending this summer hosting
at steve paum'' bookstore: bookstore:baum has been a small business ownnr for over 40 yyars...ann has been at this hunt vallee towne center location for the paat six: been 4 tough years of business"- with the dow plunging today... baum says this means banks will have an even tighter leaah on loann... loans..."if the banks don't can't grow, if i ccn't get money to open up another stooe, another store could mean 50-60 more jobs, so it's a tough situation"baum equates it to being on a dropping fiiancial tumble: - "you're always surprised when &pyou have a day that'ssa bloodbath"pikesville financial advisor ggeg gann says what's hhppening on an indicator of the u-s economy itself...and doeen't bode well for the future: futtre:"i think they should be very concerned, most people in retirement are in 401 k plans, 401 k plans are ripe to be turned upside down, i think theyyare a mess, a joke"and tonight...everyone is aware of the stakes: ptakes:"i hope they rebound soon, my retireeent and his college fund are on the line" line""ddep down inside, i'm a little scared abbut ii, bu
valley...owner steve baum says this means banks will have a tighter leash on loans. in turn e along with other small business owners will have a tough time exppnding any time soon.parents of young kids we spoke to today, say heir retirrment and children's college funds are on the line: "and in their minds they think it's a market in the past couple of years have juss been an exception and i think business owners we to see the umemployment numbers that come out tomorrow. it's the monthly report that the labor department puts of the most important ways to gaugg how the economy is doing. janice park fox 45 news late edition. we asked:do ou have confidencc in the economy?not one of you said... yes... yes...ryan writes on faccbook..."economy? i don't evee have faith innthe executive/legislative branches" branches." chevonne writess"not at all...too much poneyygoing into the pockets 3 &p3 first on fox ... a baltimore city police officer.../ is... under investigation -/ after a woman claims.../ her.. for sex. solicit - tiara mack.../ says... she was...on grantley &pstrret..
steve fertig has a look at your 7 day ffrecast after the break. preak. you're watching fox 5 ggod day baltimore. áá7 day forecastáá
. &pdrive.eventuully... the snake slithered off the car. meeeorrlogist steve fertig is back with a look at your forecast right after the break. break. you're watching fox 45 good day altimore. 3
. rebels are in control of most of the capitol. but the libyan p steve harrigan has the d. latest from tripoli. tripoli. fighting conttiues in pockets in tripoli, intensifying throughout the day.... close to qaddafi'' bab al-azizya compound, which rebels captured yesterday. the inside of the compound--ransacked. the deeris left similar to that littering the streets around the city. pro-regime snipers targeted the road leading to tripoli's airport... while rebels manned various checkpoints throughout the city, performing searches on vehicles. as rebels push ahead, the international focus mission... unfreezing libyan assets to aid those affected by months of brutal fighting. meanwhile, dozens of international journalists held captive in a hotel for 5 days by qaddafi loyalists have been releasee.. after sharing tears and hugs with frienns and colleagues , the red cross transported the journalists to a different, more secure hotel. mos says: "(everyone safe, ok?) everybody's fine." despite this week's gains, the huge libya's former leader? u-s officials believe he may be hiding in
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-trade, kindle, chuck norris facts, and an endless supply of from pan't put my phone down." i steve - get off the phone... we need o get a look at your forecast when we coom b. fox 45 good day baltimoree
.for tickets, log on to fox baltimore meteorologist steve fertig will be bbck with aaother look at your 7 day forecast. forecast. you're &ppaltimorr. áá7 day forecastáá 3 33 ((break 8))
for the new memorial on sunday. sunday.president obama is expected to attend. meteorologist steve fertig will be righ back with a look at your forecast. you'reewatching fox 45 gooddday baltimore. 3
care about that. >> steve, so far we heard from the statement of blaming republicans and congress for not getting things done . on the bus tour we heard about that a lot running against congress. >> they don't have much in the way of option. read it from august 24th from a year ago. the president obama set the nation on the path to prosperity and the democrats had a few option. that is a year ago this week. the president doesn't have options and he can talk about a infrastructure bank and small programs that he's introduced perfect. he's out of ideas. i don't know how he turns with the independents so against him. how does he do anything or propose anything that swings them back his side. >> bret: ab in >> i agree, we are looking at a small winnow of time in which the economy can turn around. public opinion is formed by the president in less than a year from now. if he is going to rely on republicans in the debt debate this fall. he better hope blow it up and they infuriates the independents . he will try to make the argument since he can't turn the economy around that essential g
. at the greetings and readinns book store in hunt valley...owner steve baum says this all means banks will have an even tighter leash on loans. in turn he along with other small business owners will ave a toogh time expandinn any time soon. 3 "if the banks don't lend to small businesses, i can't grow, if i ccn't get money to open up another store, annther store could mean 50-60 ore jobs, so it's a tough situation" situation" so what's neet?? the new jobs report comes out today, and the news is noo expected to be very good. right now the nation's unemployment rate stands at 9.2%. 3 all of tte gains for this year have been wiped out inn the last 2 at the inner harbor, joel d. smith, foo 45 morning news. 1) are these signs that a double dip reccssion is looming? the american people are understandably, not happy with what's going on.thh daily percent of the people believe the economy is in ood condition.the majority....56 percent say it's in poor shape. shape.rasmussen is now showing wrong direction.14 percenn believe we're heading the right way. the search is on for the person who
's hometown hotspot --international smooth jazz super star steve cole headlines he baltimore music --the event is also a school supppy fundraiser fundraiser the baltimore usic festivaa is at centerstage on saturday. doors open at 6pm.for more information, log on to ffx morning.e ot ccm slash 3 3 3maps-fiber-liberty-bacc to maps please :) still ahead.. flu season ii almost here... &pthe outlook on yyu getting a vaccine this year.. and who is advissd to get it... next. next. you're watching ox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. new ttis morrinn...police aae searching for answers... afterr &pa maryland student disappeare from his college cammus. 22-year old roswell friend... is a natiie of cockeysville... and was still living on templee universsty's campus.. where he had just graddated tww weeks ago. on thursday... he went for a run near campus ... and hasn't been seen since. pollce say his cell phoneeand wallet are still at his house. the only thing issing are his house keys. rape chhrgee against former international monetary fund chiif, dominique trauss - khan may be d
at traw polls in the past? sam brownback and ron paul, tom finishers in the straul polls and steve forbes finished in the straw poll. it doesn't tell you who is out in the caucuses. >> chris: that's right. who wins the poll doesn't win the caucus and we are going to cover it still. susan. we have touched on this. one of the story lines in the debate is tim pawlenty versus michelle bachmann. they are counting on a strong showing and they appeal to tea partiers. what are you looking at those specifically. pawlenty is more organizationinized and been there long yer working harder. he could pull off a surprise first or second or third and steal the spotlight away from bachmann. she is newer at this and not as well organized. as well as in the polls she may fail more poorly. the iowa straw poll is about organization and getting people out. it will be the real fight here who is able to get people to the polls? people are looking at pawlenty as someone who can pull off the win because he worked hard exer got a good ground game. >> chris: if you think the caucus an organizational battle, the stra
and the fact that he' designateedbeneficiary...... towson attorney steve allen says.....its ompelling evidence of motive....(21:16) that he knew it had a death benefit and that he puuposefully made himself thee beneficiary then under those circumstances that could bee very compelling eviddnce of motive.... robyn gardner of frederick has bben missing for nearly two weeks...she travelled to aruba with giordano.... who said she was - swept away when the two went &psnorkeling on the southside o is trailed by a history of ho - domestic violence was orrered this week to remain n an aruban jail for another 16 days while police investigate whattthey say are erious inconsistencies in is story.... (:16)gary haddeaaned herrtrust he was a riend... meanwhhle........gardnerr mom is also questioning what happened.....(2:59)we want to find our friend we want to home..... but sttll has come home...(4:33)a frienddl - doesn't go to the airport to pet on a plane and just leave police also ssy giordano purchased the more expensive one year police over &pthe cheaper more commonly purchased five year policy
phone lines are open now.. 410-481-4545. debbie - parkvillekirt- baltimoe steve "better safe than sorry." sorry."cheriee"no, think they did what they thought as best. ""-&p"tonya"no, i thinn hyped it up to get verybody in a panic." the grand prix.. is coming to baltimore... and we want to get you revved up for the big race. while you can't get wwekend.. you can fulfill your need ffr sseed. driver: san francisco is availabbe for the xbox360. we are giving away a copy of the game later this morning. morning.and if you win the game you'll qualiff for ouu xboo 360 console and a .an essentials... including royal purrleespectatoo chairs.. backpack and ore.we'll draw our wiiner friday.. so stay tuned for your chance to win. mayoral candddates square off aaout the big issues in a debate.tww lawmaaers... iicluding one from the city... voice their views on the candidates... anddthe future of baltimore. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all 3 coming up in our 88o'clock hour.. they survived irene... where these kittens were found... and hhw they were named. ♪ [ woman
?meteorologist steve fertig has today's forecast.. n. next. youure watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morninn. ((break 1)) 3 -soap box racing-part f city's what if it snowed chocolate? what if sweet mocha fell from the sky? or imagine catching icy caramel flakes as they drift down -- melting just as they touch your tongue or sliding down mounds of whipped cream right into a pile of rich chocolaty goodness. [ male announcer ] send your taste buds a sweet shiver with mcdonald's mccafé frappe. a creamy blend of ice, coffee and mocha. or caramel. mmm. sweet. ♪ ba da ba ba ba to maps pleasecameras are back to back, but i'll need to go back to maps still aaead.. casey anthony heads back to a florida courtroom....the nee murder is facing. facing. 3 &pnewwthis morning...a late-night shooting in east baltimorr... leaves onn perron happened roond 11 o'clockkmonday night... in the 1600-block of darley avenue. whhn police arrived... they found a man shot in the stomach.he was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. authorities are now investiiating. casey anthony is ord
... anddwent to attorney steve llen with hodes, pessin and katz joins ussto sort it aal ouu. he ht does that tell us thht took out insurance ... re- meditated??- 3 -meditated??insurance ....pre- took out insurancc ... pre- took ouu ell us that he took out insurance ... pre- meditated??- 3 cominggup.. no more staying up lateeit's time to get ack in that back to school routine!we're helping you ttke action with advice on how to get that little one in bed and well rested for school!we'll be rested faking your calls later, head to facebook now to ost pour questions. questions.and later... technnlogy and yoor kids ... causinggfor thhm. you're watching causinn for them.problem it's watching fox 45 morniig news.. &pyou're atching causing for them.problem itts the health your kiis ... echnology and killed by an infection. the bug a boy picked up killed by an infection. the bug a boy picked up news at 5530gg.. on fox 45 - man: we need a good night's sleep. killed by an infection. the bug a boy picked up news at 5530gg.. on fox 45 - woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm.
.. - giordana told police ggrdner never returned pfter the two went snorkling. attorney steve allen with hodes, pessin and katz joins us with aalooo at the caseeand what each side needs to do now.-his changing and unlikely story is -his changing and unlikely story issenough to hold him -what does prosecution / defense need tooprove -how does his prior protective orders factor in-new informationn about trying tt take a teenager there for a phot shoot -dutch law allows them to e held for a 8 days ... then &pthey can ask for 60 days but only if their is significant significant 60 days but only if they can ask for for a 8 60 days bbt onlyyif their is r significant evidence .. and the case goessto court comiig up... it's packed with protein and fiber... but how tasty is that store-bought hummussconsumer reports puts them to a taste-test...'re watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 7)) ((bump in)) when it comes to dips... hummus is a lot healthier than most. unlike other crramy dips... it has protein and fiber and is relatively low n fat and calories. is there a s
gracey and steve fertig wwll have the very latest on the storm's path next. ((explosion nats)) nats))a ar explodes with a firefighter standing by... but that's not all... stay tuned for all the wild things caught on camera this week. wa vncioele nalatas durteisrs ec tcom,hahrea tots iv se tprcud y risetyhehere w en ortsevd et furceolagiento?s wh pie aetrontriicphs ti w ng in cy xtg p at igobes acn heonhens s t t imheofes t: -hurricane irene headed our way tracking the latest in the storm tracker weather cenner 3 ((toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3- it's oor mobideal of the week! every week.. we'll bring you a deal from mobideals... which provides coupons directly to your cell phone! phone! this week's deal comes from "it's about health."get half off an "ion-cleanse detox." just go to my-mobideals-dot-com tooget mobideals on your smartphone. smartphone. mobideals is a product of our parent company.. sinclair broadcast group. we are continuing to follow hurrrcane irene... here's another live look at the bahamas as irene moves thro. thr
's start with meteorologist steve fertig ... with more on how significant the storm was. 3 3 3 3 &p 3 3 irene's is no longer a tropical storm now.. but in eight states.... including one right here in maryland. queen anne's county... 85-year old anne bell was killed when a tree fell on her house... cauuing a chimney to happened outside of queenstown. and in newport nees, virginia... a young boy was him.irene uprooted the tree - out of the ground.. and planted it on the child's home. his mother waa able to escape... but barely. there is also a staggering &ppumber of maryland residents still without power this morning because of the storm. ááadlib numbersáá if you''e watching us righttnow, that means yyu have power, and more than 300-thousand custtmers are still waiting for the lights to ome back on. joel d. smith is live in perry hall with one of the morning joel d. why it's -3 patrice on our ride out here to perry hall, many intersections 3 3 you can always stay connected... even if you lose power. watch all fox45 newscasts on your celll phone.
& to aalison barnhill designs. 3&pmeteorologist steve fertig is 3 forecast right after this. thissand the very lateet n the water main break. day ballimore.
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